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What is Lacrosse?

History of Lacrosse

Lacrosse was first played and invented by North American Indians around the region of current Montreal. During the colonization the British settlers got interested in this "ball game" as it was called then, featuring hundreds of players with coloring outfits. Instead of eradicate this form of culture, the colonizers decided to appropriate the game by modifying and codifying the rules. Quickly the sport became a symbol and even help to forge Canadian national identity. It rapidly spread first in England then to the rest of Europe. Lacrosse was proclaimed Canada's national summer sport in 1994 and today it is played everywhere in the world. There exist 4 different forms of the game; men's and women's field lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse. 

Lacrosse has existed in Belgium since 2001 thanks to a Canadian teacher who implemented it at the International School of Brussels. But the Belgian lacrosse league really started with the initiative of two brothers, Kevin and Kristof De Smet who founded the Red Rhinos club in January 2009. After a few months some players from Ghent decided to create their own team; the Ghent Lacrosse Goblins. With these two clubs they created the Belgian Lacrosse Federation in order to manage the teams and the playing calendar. Some ladies started to play as well and founded the women's league. the Buggenhout Lacrosse club and the Heist Hunters club joined the league a bit later. In 2012 Belgium participated in the European championships in Amsterdam and In 2014 the men national team went to the world cup in Denver and ended up 27th over 30 participating teams. In 2015 the women's league formed a national team to take part in the European championships in Budapest. This summer the country sends both national teams to the European Championships in Budapest and the women national team is already preparing for the World Cup in 2017. 

Modern Day Lacrosse

Lacrosse spread from the US and Canada to the rest of the world and has been gaining popularity over the last 10 years. Men's lacrosse has gone from 4 countries competing in the 1967 World Championships to 38 countries in 2014. The first women's World Cup was held in 1982 with 6 countries competing, there are 30 countries signed up for the next event in 2017. 

Lacrosse is often described as "hockey... but in the air", but perhaps a better description would be a multi-sport hybrid combining basketball, hockey, football, American football, rugby, and many more. But the best way to get an idea of lacrosse is to try it out for yourself! Find your nearest club in our teams section.


Video "The Beauty of Lacrosse" via The Lacrosse Network.